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6MM Yoga Mat

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6MM Yoga Mat and Exercise Pad

Thick, Non-slip, Folding Fitness Mat 


Material: high density TPE
【Features】: the use of imported TPE raw materials, safe and durable, after SGS testing and certification, non-toxic tasteless, non-slip, good elasticity, anti-tear
(1) non-toxic, non-PVC, non-metallic, non-irritating taste.
(2) natural oxidative cracking, recyclable, to avoid environmental pollution.
(3) soft, V paste, tiled the ground, the whole mat can hold the ground and grab the ground.
(4) waterproof, non-slip, even if the soles of the feet, the palm sweating, doing yoga exercises in the above, non-slip effect is still excellent. Positive, the back made a beautiful non-slip particles, slippery effect better.
(5) good elasticity, strong resilience. Yoga in the above, you will feel soft, very comfortable, do not feel thin It will not hard for a long time.
【Uses】: This product is suitable for yoga studio and home use. Exercise can do a variety of yoga on the mat action, Pilates, aerobics, sit-ups, flat support

Material:High density TPE

Package weight: 1 kg
Package size: 62.00 x 12.00 x 12.00 cm
Package Content:

1 x Yoga Mat Exercise Pad Non-slip Gym Fitness Pilates Supplies

Package include:1*TPE yoga mat+1*rope





























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