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Half Moon Yoga Pant

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Loose Wide Leg Yoga Pants, Half Exposed 


Material:Cotton fiber
Type:Yoga pants
Sport Type:Yoga,gym,running,dance fitness

1 This kind of yoga pants are made of cotton fiber, with the advantages of sweat absorption and breathability, can bring comfortable experience when exercising.

2 The fabric feels smooth and soft, non-fading, super elastic and durable. Under the premise of light weight, greatly improve the warmth effect and protective super moisture absorption and perspiration function, can enjoy the sound and dripping sports experience.

3 This kind of sports pants are stretch loose pants, when you wear these pants, the loose wide leg will increase the aesthetic feeling for your body.

4 This pair of trousers is high split design, which opens from the thigh. It can not only bring a cool and comfortable feeling, but also reflect the sexy charm of women. At the same time, this pair of trousers is also a pattern layered design, with a strong sense of fashion, in various occasions this pair of trousers can be competent.

5 This kind of pants are made of cotton fiber, which prolong the service life of the pants, and bring you a better sports experience.

6 This kind of pants have a lot of use,you can use them as pajama pants, yoga pants.They also perfect for sleep wear, casual wear, beach wear, home, going out or vacation wear.


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